The Decade Private Collection Sale was a wonderful success!

A huge thank you to everyone who found pieces to love in my private collection Decade sale!  I will be taking the next couple of weeks to get all of your paintings prepped and ready to ship!  

**Please note due to the massive amount of pieces in this sale that there could be two weeks or more until your painting will be shipped. Each piece will get any touch up painting that is needed and a fresh coat of varnish! They will then be packed and shipped with professional care!

*Note that all shipping charges are an estimate.  If for some reason you are overcharged, you will receive a refund from me.  If you are undercharged for some rare reason I will email you directly to discuss.  

Private Collection Sale (3)

Waterway, 6.5x10, Print


The Road You Choose, 7.5x10, Print


Find Your Voice, 7.5x10, Print