Suze Ford painting in her studio

When do you release new original work?

I do not have a set schedule of when I will have new original work available. However,  I do release a collection of pieces at a time.  For VIP access to these collections of originals I suggest signing up for my mailing list.  Those people get all of the news and information first! (Plus added bonuses too through out the year) It's my way of saying thank you for following me, and supporting my journey!


Can I commission a painting from you?

Yes, I am currently accepting commissions on a limited basis.  Start by filling out the Commission request form so I can understand what you are looking for, and I will get back to you shortly on a quote and timeline for your special custom piece of artwork!


How does the commission process work?

Once you have submitted your commission request form I will get back to you on a quote and approximate timeline.  When you accept these terms you will need to send me a 50% (nonrefundable) deposit before the painting is started.

Most paintings will take about 6- 8 weeks to complete, depending on the size of your piece and the complexity.  If your commission is in oil it will have to be plenty dry before it can ship.  This might add dry time on top of the time to create.  

When your painting is completed I will send you images of your piece for your approval.  I can make any changes for you at this point.  I am able to do this a couple of times until we get the painting so you love it!  

I ask plenty of questions in the beginning of this process to make sure I am thorough.  I want to make sure I am able to make you happy and complete the vision that you have for your piece of artwork.  This is a very fun way to collaborate with people!  So don't be intimidated!  It really is a joy!

When you are happy with the outcome of your painting, you will be expected to send the remaining 50% balance for your painting, plus taxes and shipping. 

In the mean time, your painting will dry, get a nice coat of varnish, and hardware installed for hanging.  If it is a large piece it will be professionally packaged for you with a lot of care.  Once the balance is received I will ship your painting out to you.  

Your painting will be shipped insured via UPS or  UPS Freight depending on the size.


Suze Ford Studio paint palette


Is your artwork original?

All of my artwork is original unless it is otherwise specified.  Currently, prints and cards are the only reproduction pieces that I sell.  

Oil paintings, watercolors, works on paper,  clutches, shoes, and ornaments are all hand-painted by me.  Every original you receive will be signed in some way by me to identify its originality.  Please let me know if you need any other documentation if you are insuring your artwork.


Kiddos holding Print printed on canvas

Tell me about your prints

All of my current prints offered are produced by me in my studio.  They are Giclee' reproductions printed on a large format printer. My printer has one of the highest quality of prints made on the market due to the large amount of colors of ink that it uses.The quality is so good they look like originals!

Each print is made to order by me.  So there is a lead time of about 5 days to make sure your print is dry to ship.  

Please do not order any frames for your print until you actually receive it.  Due to the proportion of each piece of art there might be a slight size difference from the standard size listed.  This is so the original image of art is not distorted.


What is the difference in the prints you offer?

I currently offer 2 types of prints. The first option is a gorgeous giclee' print on paper.  It is certified archival for over 100 years. This paper is heavy weight, and has a beautiful matte finish.  It is simply gorgeous!  I don't know how else to say it!

The second option is a beautiful heavy weight, glossy canvas giclee' print.  It is also certified archival for over 100 years! This option is not stretched.  I suggest framing this option flat with a matte just like you would the paper print. The canvas on this option makes these reproductions so beautiful that they look like an original! 

Both prints will be shipped to you in a flat mailer, or rolled in a tube depending upon the size.  


Suze Ford framed watercolor on paper 


How should I frame my print or work on paper?

Please please please wait to purchase matting or frames until you receive your artwork. Not all of the prints are an exact standard size.  So, I recommend getting a custom made matte cut for your painting with a standard size outside measurement.  (You can affordably do this at any store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels)


How do I care for my artwork?

I would shy away from hanging any of your artwork where it would be in a lot of sunlight. This will help extend the life of your artwork, and prevent color fading.  If your painting gets dusty I suggest using a swiffer style duster to clean.  You may also use a damp lent free cloth to wipe off any additional dust it might collect. 

I suggest putting all of your prints behind UV glass to protect the artwork from fading.  


Humble Hero, oil painting on canvas by Suze Ford


How is my artwork shipped? 

Smaller paintings are all packaged with care and bubble wrapped by me.  Small prints will be mailed in a flat mailer to prevent bending. These will be shipped via USPS or UPS.  

Large paintings will all be shipped and packaged professionally. These paintings are double boxed and bubble wrapped very carefully.  They will be coming to you fully insured via UPS or UPS freight for bigger pieces. If anything happens to your painting in transit you will need to notify me upon receipt of the painting and document the damage to the box with pictures.  (Please note to this date I have not had this issue come up)

Can my oversized painting be shipped rolled?

Some paintings might be able to be taken off of the stretcher, it depends on the size and how thick the paint is.  

Please contact me directly to discuss the option of shipping your large painting rolled, instead of stretched.  This can help save on shipping costs.  However, you would have to find a local framer in your city to re-stretch your art onto a frame.  This will come at an additional cost for you to consider.  

The down side to this option carries a risk of cracking in your painting.  This choice would be at your own risk.  


Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, estimated shipping costs will be calculated at check out.  It is possible that there will be additional fees to this initial charge.  I will contact you directly via email if there is a change.  

International shipping can be a bit complicated depending on your country of origin and the fees they have in place.  Please know that you will be responsible for any additional duties or fees that they require for you to receive an international package.  There is no way for me to know what those might be.  

I also have limited ability to track an international package once it leaves the US. All international shipping will be coming via USPS.


Suze Ford big commission painting

Am I able to reproduce or sell my original painting?

I am so happy that you found an original painting of mine to love!  Please note that I own all rights to every painting and commission painting that I create.  Therefor, you are not allowed to reproduce this painting in any form for your own use of to give to others with out my permission.  You are also not able to resell your original art with out my permission.  

If you have any questions about this, or if you are interested in purchasing the rights to the painting you own, please email me directly.


Can I share your artwork online or in print?

Maybe you just designed a room with one of my paintings in it, or maybe you simply saw one of my images online that you loved, and you want to share it with your friends or audience. I only ask that you credit my work and tag me if you are sharing online.  I would also love if you would let me know when you are sharing so I can document it!


Nest Interiors, Suze Ford Art
(Image courtesy of Nest Interiors Kansas City)
Any other questions?
If there are any questions that are not answered on here please feel free to email me directly. 
Phone: (816) 304 3752