suze ford family

I fell in love standing at an easel in preschool. The memory is so vivid to me.  I can smell the tempera paints now, almost like I could walk right back into that room and remember all of the details.  My heart fills now with that same delight every day I get to step into my studio. 

Making art is a gift I was given, a deep seeded passion that sings to my soul unlike anything else ever has.  The connection it creates with people fuels me to keep going, creating, innovating, and finding more pieces of myself.  I do not know where this journey will take me from year to year, or painting to painting.  But it is my responsibility to use these gifts God has given me to fulfill his purpose in me. 

My hope is that my artwork will soften hearts, bring joy, hope and light to this world.  Art challenges me in the most beautiful ways that I don't ever expect. People pull on my heart strings sharing their stories with me of how art has impacted their life.  All the amazing stories I could share that have filled my heart and at times brought me to tears.

I believe I am here to use my gifts to leave a legacy of God's unconditional love and light.  I wake up excited for what person He will put in my life next through this amazing medium called art! Maybe that is you....