UMKC Commission Paintings

by on October 23, 2007

The University of Missouri Kansas City Department of Research and Development does amazing things in this community. They work very hard on many programs and projects to include adults and children with disabilities into the community. I found it a huge honor to be asked to paint two paintings for them this year. Both works can be found hanging in their newly remodled conference and presentation room.
I would like to thank Dr. Calkins for this opportunity to paint such meaningful peices to such an amazing group!
"A Limitless Path" displays a brother and sister hand in hand, one with a disability. The writing on top lists names of many successful and famous people who all have disabilities effect their lives. Showing that anyone can accomplish anything that they desire. "Deconstructing Boundaries and Shattering Myths" shows a young girl playing, her happiness and inclusion uneffected by her Down Syndrome. Children such as these have a lot to teach people about carrying out fulfilled lives.
(Left: oil on canvas, "A Limitless Path" Right: oil on canvas, "Shattering Myths, Deconstructing Boundaries)