In the Studio: The Importance of Community

by on September 23, 2015

I have been preparing for one of my favorite shows of the year, the Plaza Art Fair. It has been a family tradition for me since I was a kid. I remember walking the show as a budding artist dreaming of what it would be like to one day show my artwork at a show like this. It was a dream that I never imagined would come true.

Fast forward to many years later I can look back and see how far I have come. I see now that where you come from can be so important to your success. When I say where you come from, I don't mean money, life style, or even education. I simply mean people.

The love and support of people is what has helped me most become who I am. Not only do I have a family that has always supported me. But, I live in an amazing community that does the same. Kansas City not only supports their artists, but it embraces them. From the wonderful group of people I have met through Artist Inc., patrons at shows, collectors, enthusiasts, media, writers, actors, musicians, other artists and "fans". I love them all. Every person has helped encourage me to continue this life as a creator. An artist.

This brings me back to why I love the Plaza Art Fair so much. It is not about the beautiful architecture, the fountains, or even the food (although top notch). It is about the people. Where else can you go for 3 days, and feel nothing but one huge hug!?

So, this weekend I acknowledge all of the wonderful people of this community. I thank you all for being a huge part of my story and inspiration. I thank you for loving my art, and making me feel so joyful. I can't wait to see all of you and once again feel so overwhelmed with gratitude.

"Home" 36 x 36 oil on canvas "Home" 36 x 36 oil on canvas