In the Studio: The Greeting Card leap

by on October 01, 2015

For the last few months I have been working on a lot of new projects for 2015 and 2016. When evaluating if something new is worth perusing I have to do a little gut check and make sure it is inline with my goals, vision, and purpose. It sounds complicated. But, it is actually pretty simple. If a project takes me a stray too far, and if it doesn't focus on my core skill sets I might have to pass on it. Another important criteria is if it fits with in my lifestyle. This basically means, if this gets in the way of my core focus for my business and family I have to put it aside.

That brings me to this top secret project I have been working on for months. Not only did I develop an entire product line of prints, but now I can add a greeting card line to that mix. Right now I have launched the very first round of designs that I am playing with. I still consider this in a little beta testing mode. But, so far my mind has been blown with the enthusiasm from all of you!

Inspirational Pack, Greeting Cards Inspirational Pack, Greeting Cards

This is a dream project that I have considered doing for years. It feels amazing to finally see it come to fruition! The messages that my paintings contain now can be mailed, or passed to a friend through a beautiful card and sentiment! How wonderful is that! From my heart to yours. It is now an affordable and thoughtful way to send a personal message, and my art is the vessel. Wowza! (sorry just had a goose bump moments)

Currently you can go to my website and purchase my greeting cards. Be looking for more designs to come in 2016, as well as future partnerships to help my cards sail to as many people as possible! Let's start a mailing movement. I know personally I am going to send one card a week to someone, just because. After all, what is better than receiving something so thoughtful and unexpected in the mail?

Click here to start collecting your own cards! Let's spread some love together!