In The Studio: How to Find Your Voice

by on July 22, 2015
How To Find Your Voice, The 100 Day Project How To Find Your Voice, The 100 Day Project

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or my new favorite platform Periscope, you have heard plenty about The 100 Day Project. It was a movement started by Elle Luna on Instagram along with The Great Discontent. I only got word of this amazing project a couple days before the start date. In a crazy whim I jumped on board and committed to painting a tiny 6 x 6 painting every single day.

Now, I have painted my fair share (ok 100's) of tiny paintings through out my career. But, I can't say that I ever sat down and finished one oil painting in a studio session. And I definitely never have painting 100 in 100 consecutive days. Wow! Was I nuts?!

Tiny Painting in Progress, 6 x 6 oil painting on canvas Tiny Painting in Progress, 6 x 6 oil painting on canvas

Since I am finished with this project now I can reflect with an honest answer. YES! I was nuts! ha ha ha! But, I was crazy in such a good way. I was crazy to take this leap, and attempt to accomplish something that sounded so huge. But, I did it. And, it feels good to say that. Anytime something wonderful has happened in my life and in my business it was because I did take a huge leap of faith! Time and time again.

It took me a couple of weeks really to get into a groove of painting these tiny pieces. How do I resolve a painting that is full of wet paint, that seriously is not going to dry for days? I struggled for sure. But, then something wonderful started to happen, and I started to get into this rhythm. The pieces became a wonderful part of my day that I looked forward to. They were the warm ups until I got to the bigger pieces. This process started to become something that I did every day just for me. It was my private time I carved out every day no matter what else was going on. And, being selfish for that time felt good. (I am sure other moms can relate to this feeling)

I have never been an artist that had troubles making work. Sure, not all the work I have made is good. But, I have always stuck to my guns that any mood is a good one to make work. No excuses. Just make something. It doesn't mean I have to show people everything I make. But, the act of painting prolifically is how I found my voice.

You see art is like any other skill. You have to practice. You have to focus, and take your talents serious enough to work on them so they will grow. If you have potential now, imagine where you will be if you just made a little something every day! Seriously, visualize that! I can tell you that it has changed me in so many good ways. It has helped me find my voice. That voice is always evolving with my life changes. My perspectives are different, my heart sings a little different tune, and life matters begin to rank differently in importance.

So, if I can pass on anything to you from this entire experience. It is to stretch those creative muscles, and go make work. Don't pick up a brush or a pen for a week like a New Year's resolution and give in up a week later. This is one journey that has to be a marathon, not a sprint. You will learn through making, not thinking about making. You will grow through experimenting, not staying in your comfort zone. You might make work that nobody likes. But, you know what!? WHO CARES! Make the work you want to make. The people that love what you do will find you. And, I think just maybe you will find some happiness and fulfillment in that place.

Go Find Your Voice

So, go find your voice! There is someone out there that needs to hear it!

I am cheering you on! If you want to connect with me more, put your email below. I will let you know about any wonderful happenings in my studio and what exciting things are happening next. You can also find me on Instagram, twitter, Periscope, Pinterest and Facebook. Whatever your favorite social application is, come along for the ride. I want to get to know you. ! I want to see you grow!

Happy creating!