In The Studio: Creating Custom Artwork

by on October 15, 2015

40 x 60 Commission 40 x 60 Commission

Creating Commissioned artwork can be a beautiful thing. It is a part of my work that has grown considerably over the years, that I have enjoyed. Creating custom artwork for a client can be a really rewarding experience. It is almost like a creative collaboration. My aim is to tell your story in a way that you might not be able to express. It might be difficult for someone to create this sort of vision. But for artists this is what we love. This is where we sparkle and shine!

I have learned to create paintings for people, by learning how to ask the right questions. If I understand what is important to you, as well as things that do not connect with you, I have a really good starting place. It also doesn't hurt to have visual references as well.

The idea behind creating custom artwork can be as simple as painting a piece for someone in a specific size, or colors. But, the real magic happens when I am able to open the flood gates, and do what I do best, let the creativity flow. The bigger the painting the better! (painting large pieces is where I flourish) So, if you are looking for custom artwork and you love what I paint. Then I think we might be a good match!

If this sounds intimidating or scary, I promise you it is not. Here is the link to inquire about a custom piece of art. Understand that I only take on a limited amount of these projects before the holidays. My deadline is November 1st for Christmas delivery. I am excited to hear from you!