In The Studio - Can you make money doing that?

by on June 16, 2015

I have been reflecting a lot lately on my journey becoming a full time artist and what pieces it took to make that happen. The truth is some days I am so busy completing my "to do" list that I don't stop enough to realize what I have done. Did I accomplish what was needed? Did I do something today that matters to someone or makes a difference? Did I grow today? Did I learn something today? Most importantly do I still love being a artist? The answer is hopefully yes to most of these, and with out a doubt a "YES" to the last one. I have been creating work, and building business for so long it is not what I do. But, more so who I am. I can not imagine doing anything else for a living or being anyone else.

My palette reflects my life.  an organized, colorful chaos! My palette reflects my life: I live in an organized, colorful, and chaos!

So, what does being a professional artist mean? When having a casual conversation with someone that you have just met, and you get into small talk, it is inevitable that they will ask the infamous question. "What do you do for a living?" When my answer is "I am an artist" I get a lot of different reactions. "Oh, wow that is cool. What kind of art do you do?" or "Oh, neat" "Do you really make money doing that?" LOL! (with a confused look on their face). I always love the blunt questions people have no filter in asking. I have to laugh about it. Then in turn I return and ask what they make for a living? (ha ha ha! Just kidding! But, equally ridiculous) It occurs to me that a lot of people just don't really understand what it means to be an artist. So, what better way then to clear the confusion then to show, and explain what my life is like?

Suze Ford, Home Studio Suze Ford, Home Studio

I realize that this picture of an artist looks really different for many different professional creatives. But, there are a lot of strings that connect us all. We with out a doubt are passionate people. We have a feeling in our gut every day that drives us to make something.... anything! So, I would love to "paint" you a little picture of what this feels like, and what life is like for me as a full time artist, entrepreneur, wife and mother. (whew!)

This series of posts will give you a vision that might fulfill your curiosity. I hope you follow along on this journey with me and you find something I share useful in your own life. Or maybe I will just make you laugh or smile. That is ok too! If you have a topic you want me to write about, comment below, or email me. I might just choose your topic to talk about!

Until next time, I wish you all the best!