by on October 22, 2013

This piece is one that I came across today in my images. It truly speaks to me and makes me think of some loved ones in my life. I wish I could really show people how amazing they are. I wish I could speak to their hearts and tell them how much they deserve to be loved. I believe we can all find a serenity. We don't have to accept for less than we deserve. Peace and love are out there for you to have. You can live your life in abundance! I wish you all love and to embrace yourselves with it!

This is what the painting says. I hope it speaks for itself.

"You can. You can breathe words of honesty. You can rest in your trust. You can walk in shoes that fit. You can embrace the road you travel. You can taste the richness and smell the sweetness. You can wrap your arms around it. You can be at peace. You can find the serenity."

(image above, Self Embrace, 24 x 48, oil on canvas)