If these paintings could talk...

by on March 03, 2015
Speachless, 36 x 48, oil on canvas Speechless, 36 x 48, oil on canvas
Just recently I was able to reconnect with a client of mine. As many of my clients do, they become more than that to me. They become my friends. I have found that the paintings create these bonds that is indescribable. I find myself sharing stories, laughs, joy, and sometimes tears. I get to know where people come from, and where their journey's have lead them. Each of my paintings do tell a story. And when that painting finds it's new owner it is as if the story finally has it's ending. I wanted to share this lovely story through the words of this beautiful lady, Hollie. I had the pleasure of meeting her entire family in Chicago when I was at a show. I will never forget this!

"Every day I see this gorgeous painting. It's hanging in my house. It is by FAR the best gift I've ever received. Not only because it's from the most amazing artist @suzeford - her work is like none other! But it also has such a beautiful story.
I saw it a few years ago at the One of A Kind Show here in Chicago, and fell in love with it, but I knew Christmas was coming and I wasn't there to buy things for myself. I left that day thinking about that piece for hours.
The next day, I found myself without kids (wow!), so I ended up going back to the show to see it one more time, and it was gone! I told Suze (the artist) how sad I was and couldn't believe someone bought it!

A few weeks later on my birthday morning, I woke up to this painting in my bedroom!! My husband heard how much I loved this artist at the show, and secretly went there and asked her what I liked and he bought for me for my birthday. I bawled like a baby and said, "YOU were the one who bought it!!!" The story still makes me cry! What a guy!

But the point to this is - once you see Suze's works, you will fall in love with them! They are so beautiful and make you happy inside!!! You will NEED one in your life!"

Hollie is an amazing woman, mother and business owner. She started this awesome line of jewelry, Bella Joy, that her and her daughters make together. Find her on Instagram. Or go see the beautiful jewelry she has for purchase on her website www.bellajoyjewelry.com

Thank You Hollie for sharing this story!