New Piece!

by on August 06, 2012
As many of you know I have become a resident artist at ARTichokes in Leawood. It has been an awesome experience getting to know so many people up there, and interacting with you. I have never been one to paint with an audience. But, I seem to go into my "own little world" as I paint. So, whether anyone is around watching or not I feel at peace with it. This piece is one of my newest that I finished. I am finding myself painting a little differently lately. My colors have changed a little bit, and I am loving the feeling of pure abstraction and more ambiguity. I am never sure where my painting journey is taking me. But, I always trust my gut and know the more I push myself the better my work will become! It feels good! If you would like to see this piece in person you can see it at ARTichokes. They are closed this week for a summer break. But, you can call for an appointment to come view it. Next week they will be back open for business and their regular hours.