Life of an artist - Appreciate Today

by on April 19, 2015

Studio Image

Today was a lovely rainy day. A lot of people complain about rainy days. But, not me. I enjoy the time inside where I get to snuggle and play with my girls. Generally we eat some elaborate breakfast, and I enjoy my usual share of coffee. I love putting on a favorite movie that I have seen 15 times. And, of course I cherish having an hour or more to sneak into my studio and paint.

As an artist, entrepreneur, mother, and wife life becomes very challenging. Some days I think I have total control over my day of balancing work, and family. But, other days I have no idea how I can do it all. Some days I feel like a good cry when the stress gets overwhelming.

But, when life gets overwhelming I am reminded of how truly blessed I am. I am thankful that I have the privilege to be as busy as I am, making a living as an artist. Every day I am able to maintain and build my studio practice. I had a dream of being an artist growing up. I imagined how wonderful it would be to play around in my own studio each day as a professional. I could see my art hanging in a gallery, and sitting in cafe's with other creatives discussing art, life and ambitions. Of course, it is not always that glamorous. It really takes a lot of hard work and perseverance each day. It has required me taking some risks, making some serious investments, and truly believing in my dream.

But, here I am. Each day I get to be an artist. I get to paint pieces that I have been working my entire life to make. Every failed piece and difficult college critique has brought be to where I am today. I am beyond grateful that I am allowed to live this life that I have. No, I didn't say it is perfect. But, it is full of so much richness and meaning.

I have two beautiful, sassy, and hilarious daughters. I have a wonderfully supportive and grounded husband. I have a mom, dad, sister and brother who have always cheered me on and helped with heavy lifting. I appreciate the amazing people that have been put into my life simply by connecting through art. It has been a beautiful thing.

So, on this rainy day I say "I appreciate today". I appreciate those who love me. I appreciate those people who have supported my career and my art. I appreciate every single person who has purchased a painting from me. I appreciate every "like", "follow", "comment" and Retweet. I even appreciate those "naysayers", who only encouraged me to work that much harder. I absolutely love being an artist, a mother, and a wife. And I do not take a day of that for granted.

The Life of an artist is an adventure!