Is it November Already?

by on November 04, 2009
Wow, I don't know where October went! I have been working on some projects and goals that I have set for myself for the coming year. I also have found myself with the diligence to clean my studio! It is amazing how reorganizing can open up so much more space! It is awesome now that I have some nice time to start working on my ideas for new works for 2010, and staying busy with all of my commission requests! I am truly enjoying my time in the studio, doing what I like to think I do best!

Coming soon I will be posting pictures from a photo shoot my paintings were in! I will tell you the work looked fabulous! I can't wait to see the final prints!

The end of the year is ending rapidly! To all of you who have been thinking about purchasing one of my pieces, or would like a custom commission piece NOW is a great time! Think about a unique Christmas gift for someone special, or better yet... put it on your list for someone else to buy!

Happy November 2!