"I Write"

by on July 21, 2009
("Story Book", Oil on Canvas, 36" x 48")
Now I am back home after being gone for 10 days. I learned a lot on this past trip. I am truly appreciative of every moment. I am so pleased that so much of my new work is sold and they are all in some great new homes! I can't explain how amazing it feels to have your work so well accepted. I went ahead and posted some of them on my website so some of you can enjoy looking at them, even though they are sold!

I would have to say that the most popular questions I was asked on this trip is "where do you get your ideas?", and "where do you get your writings?" So, I thought I would address both of these here. I always point people in the direction of my artist statement. It truly explains my source of inspiration the best. I also point out to people my sketch book that rarely leaves my side. I am constantly sketching and writing when I am inspired by the world around me. Some pieces are about my life, and some are about others. I almost see myself as a story teller. I find that I am very in touch with how I feel about many things I embark in life, and at times very indifferent. Even when I feel I might stand alone in the opinions I might have, or the emotions I feel I am able to paint about it. The beautiful thing about this is that I find myself crossing lines and boundaries that conversation might not allow.

I thought I would post this piece above that reflects the journey my pieces take well. "I write where someone might take a look..." I hope you enjoy...

I wish everyone to feel the inspiration that I do every day. There is so much life around us that we miss if we don't open our eyes...