I Challenge you!

by on December 16, 2011
Today I was looking through my sister in laws Christmas List. She had reminded me of an awesome idea that is out there right now! There are a lot of different versions out there. But, a journal that encourages you to create something every day! Sometimes as an artist I feel like I am always working on a "project". It is easy to forget the idea of just being creative with out an end objective.

In college we were graded on our journals. We had exercises to do every day that we of course "had" to do. But, there was a purpose to my professors' madness. It really got you exploring different ideas and to think outside the box.

So, I think I have decided... ok maybe I am committing myself to do something creative this year every day. I am doing this with no intent to sell. I am doing it with the intent to create for the JOY of it! I will update you on my progress via my blog. If you are interested in coming along this journey with me, I welcome you!

Here is to a NEW Journey of Creative exploration in 2012!!

All the best to each and every one of you!


16 x 16 oil on canvas