I can't believe the views!! (179K)

by Susan Ford-Hernandez on August 20, 2022

I have been painting custom Vans for years! It has been one of my most favorite ways to combine my two loves: Fashion(shoes) and art. I posted a video of one of me painting one of my most recent pairs for a client in my studio. The views and comments blew me away. 

Now I know better than to gauge my self worth, or the value of my work based on social media feedback.  But, i have to say it felt amazing to get my art in front of so many new people! I have always believed that my art was a gift given to me to do something much bigger than myself. I never know where those opportunities are going to present themselves. But, being willing and open to share is just the beginning. 

Here is the video if you want to check it out! Thank you all to the people who have collected my art for years, and the ones that I am just meeting! I hope you all know the joy that it brings me!


@suzefordart Love this color palette! My clients are the coolest! #artistsoftiktok #painting #customshoes #customvans ♬ Cool Kids - Echosmith