Holiday Season Is Here!

by Susan Ford-Hernandez on November 03, 2022

Glass Ball ornaments, Suze Ford

It is no secret that this is the a busy time of year for me! I absolutely love it! There are traditions that I hold dearly to my heart. Somewhere around 7 years ago I had a fun idea to paint ornaments. I never realized how popular they would become and how much I would love creating them. 

Each year they change as my artwork evolves. 3 years ago I even added in ceramic ornaments to the mix. 

This year my glass ornaments have some extra special sparkle to them! They are absolutely my favorite ever! The way the light is going to shine through them, combined with the brush strokes.

Glass Ball ornament, Suze ford

Because they are each so unique I decided that I am going to list them individually this year for you to choose your favorite ones. Make sure you are on the VIP list so you can shop first!

Thank you all of carrying on one of my favorite Christmas traditions!