Here we come Madison and Ann Arbor!

by on July 09, 2009
(Above: "Reaching For It", 12"x 24" x 2.5)
Well, the day is coming near to hit the road again. I can't explain how excited I am to be heading to show at these two festivals back to back! The Art Fair on the square in Madison Wisconsin is going to be so exciting. There are over 400 artists that will be there from all over the country. I have heard such wonderful things about it that I am honored to be a part of it! I just hope I get a little time to leave my booth to see some of the wonderful art!
Then, we will hit the road again and head to Ann Arbor Michigan. This 4 day (yes you heard me right 4 DAYS!) event is going to be overwhelming I am sure at first. There are some 4 or 5 shows that go on at once in this beautiful town. And, they are all with in walking distance of each other. It is truly a huge event that people come from all over just to see (AND BUY :)). This is one of the only art fairs you can go to and see this number of artists at such a high caliber.
I will be taking my computer on the road and I hope to be making updates as soon as I can!

off to pack.....