Commission Piece Installed

by on September 12, 2012
I completed a huge commission piece that measured 7' x 8' for a wonderful client as an anniversary present for her husband. I can't tell you how awesome she was to work with. I was honored that she chose me to carry out such a spectacular vision that she had! She told me she was going to redesign her entire living room around this piece. When she said this I had in mind some paint, maybe new throw pillows, maybe a rug. But, I had NO idea she was going to complete this room by upholstering the wall around it! I was just blown away when she sent me these pictures! I hope you are as amazed as I am! When Jan (my client) does something I think it is pretty apparent she does not do anything half way! She amazing taste I must say! Thank You again Jan for making me a part of something so wonderful, and Magical!
Ribbons in the Sky, oil on canvas, 7' x 8'
Ribbons in the Sky, oil on canvas, 7' x 8'
Here is another piece that she put this beautiful frame on in her powder room. "Grounded", oil on canvas, 12" x 48"