The 100 Day Project

by on April 08, 2015
The 100 day project

I have enjoyed been on Instagram @suzeford for quite a while now. It has been a lovely place for me to view beautiful images of art, travel, design and all of kinds of cool things I love to look at. I am obviously a visual person. So, the quick sensory overload is an awesome place for me to connect with others and escape suburbia for a bit!

I stumbled upon an amazing supportive community of Creative #beingboss women. We are a group of supportive women creative entrepreneurs. I sort of feel like I have "found my people", as people say. It has been an awesome unexpected gift for me that I am pretty confident will continue to flourish.

One of these lovely ladies, Ella Luna with Great Discontent started this project called "The 100 Day Project". She shared it with the group, and invited us all along for the ride. So I got all excited, and decided to jump on board! Follow along with us on Instagram with the #The100DayProject

I posted my first painting today. I plan on doing a piece every day. And... if it goes well, I just might continue on to 365 days! We will see!

Follow me on Instagram, and Come join in the fun!