Florence Silk Clutch
Florence, silk clutch
Florence, silk clutch
Florence silk clutch
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Florence, silk clutch

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Each clutch is hand dyed, and painted by Suze Ford.  The silks are shipped to our designer, Rendered Nest, in San Diego CA.  They are then constructed by loving hands.  Each purse is one of a kind made with the highest quality of silks.  These pieces are intimate works of art, designed to make a statement at any social gathering.  They are as unique and luxurious as the woman who carries it.  They are made to bring joy and conversation while celebrating a love of art!

Each purse is approximately 7 x 10 in size, and accented with beautiful rose gold hardware, lined with beautiful silk on the inside, and labeled with Suze Ford's authentic signature.

Please note * The time and care it takes to make each one of these means that they will be small releases of them at a time.  We are proud to say these are made in the USA.