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Last Week On Instagram – Studio Highlights

Last week was another busy week in the studio. I have been continuing the process of creating a painting each day for The 100 Day Project. It has been a wonderful process for me creatively. I am loving these tiny little pieces that are gathering in my studio. Looking at all of them together makes wonderful since. They have a bright eclectic presence.

I also attended an awesome event last week for the YMCA.  It was a charity fashion event for their challenger program.  I donated some artwork that was auctioned off.  I have such a heart for people and children with disabilities that I just couldn’t help it.  The YMCA does some amazing things to help these children feel included and a part of something special.  For a little while at each activity they give them a chance to make friends, and live life like a “normal” child.  So, if you are looking for a charity to support, this is an amazing one.

Day 21/100 #The100DayProject #suzefordpaintingaday #abstractart #colorlove #oilpainting #instaart #kc

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Playing around with more layers. #wip #instaart #oilpainter #studio #kc #originalartart

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Day 22/100 #The100DayProject #suzefordpaintingaday #abstractart #tinyart #instaart #kc #colorlove

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DAY 23/100 #The100DayProject #suzefordpaintingaday #abstractart #instaart #colorstudy #kc #creativejourney

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