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Wonderland, 48 x 60 oil painting on canvas

In the Studio: Create Conversation

 ”And what is the use of a book”, thought Alice “without pictures or conversation”. (Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland) What is the point in a gift if you do not use it.? What is the reason for creating if it doesn’t create conversation?  Express what is in your heart, not what you think others […]

In The Studio: Creating Custom Artwork

Creating Commissioned artwork can be a beautiful thing.  It is a part of my work that has grown considerably over the years, that I have enjoyed.  Creating custom artwork for a client can be a really rewarding experience.  It is almost like a creative collaboration.  My aim is to tell your story in a way […]

Stronger Commission

Commissioning a Painting

  Early this week I got a visit to my studio from a client of mine.  I have been working on this commission piece for him, that was based upon an older painting that I completed and sold several years ago.  We decided to change the original piece up a bit.  We added in a […]

Speachless, 36 x 48, oil on canvas

If these paintings could talk…

Just recently I was able to reconnect with a client of mine.  As many of my clients do, they become more than that to me.  They become my friends.  I have found that the paintings create these bonds that is indescribable.  I find myself sharing stories, laughs, joy, and sometimes tears.  I get to know […]