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In The Studio: How to Find Your Voice

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or my new favorite platform Periscope,  you have heard plenty about The 100 Day Project.  It was a movement started by Elle Luna on Instagram along with The Great Discontent.  I only got word of this amazing project a couple days before the start […]

Pianos on Parade in Kansas City

This year was the first year for the Pianos on Parade event in Kansas City. When I was asked to participate I was a little bit hesitant because I knew the amount of work involved in painting furniture, let along a gigantic piano. Some of my DIY and Pinterest projects were pretty challenging, despite reading […]

Ride of Your Life

  “Ride of your life” 48 x 60 oil on canvas. This piece was about a glorious time in my life. I studied in Florence for a semester in college. I met some amazing people, and more so learned a lot about myself.  It seriously forever changed me.  I will not ever forget the lessons […]